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SILMO is the most exciting international optics and eyewear trade fair in Paris

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On 09/20/2023 the login box for the customer area has been changed.
First connexion ? Please (re)-create a new account.
  • Click on the registration link located under the login form (No account yet? Sign up).​
  • ​Complete the form and clicked the "Sign up" button, you will have access to your exhibitor area again.​

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Are you a stand builder? YOU WORK WITH A DECORATOR OR STAND INSTALLERS: To log on to Silmo Paris Exhibitor area, you must ask your client to grant you the access. 2 possibilities : the Exhibitor can:
  • Create an account administrator and define the access for you in "My account/My contacts". The decorator/stand contractor receives an email to be able to place orders online (on the Exhibitor's account). You agree, in doing so, to pay any order placed by them on your behalf.
  • Declare the decorator/installer in "My account/Decorators". An account specific to the decorator is opened and linked to the Exhibitor's Customer Area. The decorator will be able to place orders independently. Orders will be invoiced directly to the decorator/installer.
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